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The XL-VNSO Compact joystick was developed specifically for heavy-duty applications in the Mobile Equipment market. The XL-VNSO is capable of supporting multi-function handles and able to withstand continuous duty and rough handling. Two mounting styles are available, drop in and below the panel.

In applications where space is limited, customers benefit from the various possibilities available in this versatile design.

  XL-VNSO Documents

Spare parts
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Service bulletins
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Catalog literature
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  XL-VNSO Mechanical data
 Life 20 million cycles
 Materials Aluminum Housing
Yoke - Nickel chromium - (properties similiar to stainless steel)
 Operating temperature range -25 to +70 degrees C.
 Handle travel +/-36 degrees in each axis for potentiometer
+/- 20 degrees in each axis for Bang / Bang and Hall-effect
 Potentionmeter rotation +/- 126 degrees
 Maximum number of contacts (3)V3 microswitches per axis
 Gasketing To IP55
 Mounting dimensions See XL-VNSO literature PDF above
 Panel space requirement 3.78 " x 3.78" (Footprint of Joystick Mounting)
  XL-VNSO Electrical data
 Microswitch contact rating 11A 125 VAC
 Terminals .020 x .187 quick connect
 Potentiometer 10k 4-wire 0.5W, conductive plastic, 5 million cycles
5k 3-wire 0.5W, conductive plastic, 5 million cycles
 Hall-effect Supply Voltage: 4.5 to 5.5 VDC

Output Voltage:
Ratiometric 0.5 - 2.5 - 4.5 +/- 0.15V @ 5.0V supply

Output Current: 10mA

Power Consumption: 20 mA @ full load

EMC Emissions:
Complies with EN61000-6-4:2007 Class A Group 1, 80-1000 MHz

EMC Immunity:
Complies with or exceeds EN6100-6-2:2005, expanded to include:
RFI Immunity of 100 V/M @ 80-1000 MHz
ESD Immunity of 15Kv air, 8Kv contact
 Maximum wire size 18 AWG
See a complete listing of technical data in the XL-VNSO literature above.

Precision control of Aerial Work Platforms, Bucket trucks, Cranes, Agricultural, Mining and Forestry equipment.

  • Versatile design
  • Super heavy-duty construction
  • Long-life, dual compression return springs each axis
  • Nickel chromium gimbal yokes (properties similar to stainless steel)
  • Hardened steel bearings and polished steel shaft guides
  • Bronze gate handle stops
  • Conformal coated electronics to resist moisture
  • Type V7 11A form C switches.
  • Hall-effect output meets or exceeds CE EMC requirements

  • Large selection of multi-function handles with rocker switches, push-buttons, and triggers, or mechanical interlock
  • Variety of standard and special handle restricting gates available
  • Large selection of proportional outputs including potentiometer, Hall-effect, PWM and CAN bus
  • Bang / Bang design
  • Special potentiometers
  • Redundant Hall-effect output
  • Hall-effect input voltage options

Compliant with ISO 9000:2008 — John Deere JDS-G223 Certified
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