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FG6 - Fighter Grip, Multi-Function, Ergonomic Handle for Multi-Axis Control

J.R. Merritt Controls, Inc. continues to expand its wide variety of handle offerings with the introduction of the Type FG6 Universal Fighter Grip handle. Designed with the same comfort as the popular FG3 Fighter grip, the FG6 can be populated with a greater amount of push-button switches, toggles, rocker switches and thumbwheels; therefore allowing for increased functionality in one controller.

A third axis twist function for proportional control of potentiometer or hall sensor is a new option that can be incorporated into the handle.

The FG6 grip can accommodate a variety of devices in different configurations to satisfy specific applications. This new multi-function handle couples to most of J.R. Merritts standard Joysticks.

For condensed literature, technical information or a complete catalog, contact J.R. Merritt Controls, Inc. by phone at (800) 333-5762, by fax at (203) 381-0400 or by email.

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Compliant with ISO 9000:2008 — John Deere JDS-G223 Certified
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