Self Contained Stock Assembly
2.00 inch bore

Type No. of
Length "A"
Length "B"
3982 2 1.69 1.81
3983 3
3984 4
3988 8 2.17 2.31
39812 12 2.65 2.75

Type 39812
P/N 39812-2BR-FAG180 pictured with and without cover.


Current: 5 amp standard. (10 amp optional)
Rings: Solid Coin Silver Rings
Brushes: Silver Graphite.
Fabricast Grade FAG180 (80%AG-20%C).
5 amp capacity with 2 brushes per ring (1 brush block).
10 amp capacity with 4 brushes per ring (2 brush blocks).
Brush complement molded as unit with diallyl phthalate dielectric.
Noise: 10 Milliohms dynamic resistance maximum with 2 brushes per ring.
5 Milliohms dynamic resistance maximum with 4 brushes per ring.
Hi-Pot: 1000 VAC for 15 seconds.
Rotor: One piece aluminum sleeve.
  Ring complement molded as unit with diallyl phthalate dielectric.
Rotor Leads: 5 amp leads – 20 AWG per MIL-W-16878 Type “E”.
  10 amp leads – 16 AWG per MIL-W-16878 Type “E”.
Housing: One piece aluminum structure
Cover: Aluminum
Options: 10 amp current carrying capacity.
Hard vacuum compatible.
Consult Fabricast for all available options.
Consult Fabricast for optional brush grades and characteristics.
Complete Assembly
Part Number Coding:
Specify fully when ordering.

Slip Ring Mounting Methods

Slip Ring Wiring Methods, RPM Range and Operating Environment

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