IP (Ingress Protection) Rating System


Cursor Controls Ltd classifies the sealing capability of a trackball device using the ingress protection rating system detailed in the international standard IEC 60529.

The IP (Ingress Protection) rating system is used to indicate the degree of protection that an enclosure provides against the ingress of dust and liquids.

Trackballs are typically installed into a variety of user interface systems, many of which are required to meet a specified level of protection against liquids and dust. As such, it is essential that the trackball is also capable of protecting the system from exposure to the same environmental conditions. Within the Cursor Controls Ltd trackball range there are a number of trackball solutions providing various IP rating levels so it is important that the correct trackball is specified for the intended application. If the console is rated to IP65 then a trackball capable of meeting the IP65 test criteria (or above) will also be required.

The remainder of this application note details the IP code in more detail and provides information on the various IP rated trackballs available in the Cursor Controls Ltd range.


Summary of the IP code

A product’s IP rating is comprised of two numbers (e.g. IP68). The first number indicates a trackballs resistance to solid particle ingress while the second number indicates its resistance to the ingress of liquids.

A product that is rated IP68 for instance, provides greater resistance to liquid ingress than would a product rated IP65, while a product rated IP62 provides greater protection against ingress of solid particles than would a product rated IP32.

While other rating systems exist for ingress protection, our trackball products are rated using the IP rating system as this provides the clearest indication of product performance while allowing easy comparison with other devices.

All Cursor Controls Ltd IP rated products have been tested to ensure that their rating accurately reflects their performance in the field.

Please note that the IP rating is only applicable when the trackball is fitted into a panel with an equivalent (or better) sealing rating.

The IP Rating Guide below describes the IP rating system in more detail and illustrates the testing processes that the trackball products are subjected to before an IP rating is applied. This guide may be useful when specifying a trackball product for your unique application.


IP rating guide

1 solid-1 Protected against a solid object greater than 50 mm such as a hand.
2 solid-1 Protected against a solid object greater than 12.5 mm such as a finger.
3 solid-1 Protected against a solid object greater than 2.5 mm such as a screwdriver.
4 solid-1 Protected against a solid object greater than 1 mm such as a wire.
5 solid-1 Dust protected. Limited ingress of dust permitted. Will not interfere with operation of the equipment. Two to eight hours.
6 solid-1 Dust tight. No ingress of dust. Two to eight hours
1 water-1 Protected against vertically falling drops of water. Limited ingress permitted.
2 water-2 Protected against vertically falling drops of water with the enclosure titled up to 15 degrees from the vertical. Limited ingress permitted
3 water-3 Protected against sprays of water up to 60 degrees from vertical. Limited ingress permitted for three minutes.
4 water-4 Protected against water splashing from all directions. Limited ingress permitted.
5 water-5 Protected against water splashing from all directions. Limited ingress permitted.
6 water-6 Water from heavy seas or water projected in powerful jets shall not enter the enclosure in harmful quantities.
7 water-7 Protected against the effects of immersion in water between 15cm and 1m for 30 minutes.
8 water-8 Protected against the effects of immersion in water under pressure for long periods.


IP rated Cursor Controls trackballs

Cursor Controls Ltd offer a number of IP rated trackballs within our standard product range.

Some examples of these products are shown in the tables below.

Please note that the devices shown below are provided as examples only and many more IP rated products are available.

Please contact a Cursor Controls representative for more product options.



IP40 Rated Trackballs (K Range)
K38 trackball Range Device Type
K38-Range Mechanical
K38-140110-6110 Trackball Shown Here
cc test 2
K35-Range Mechanical
K35-100120 Trackball Shown Here
IP65 Rated Trackballs (P Range)
P25 trackball
P25-Range Mechanical
F25-5602A0 Trackball Shown Here
P38-Range Mechanical
P38-5602B0Trackball Shown Here
P50 trackball
P50-Range Mechanical
P50-560230 Trackball Shown Here
IP68 Rated Trackballs (O and L Range)
L-Range Solid state tracking technology
L50-76021D Trackball Shown Here
X38 trackball
X-Range Solid state tracking technology
X38-776021D Trackball Shown Here