Why don’t you supply driver diskettes with your Trackerball?
We design the software in our Trackerballs to be systems friendly. Instead of relying on the host computer for the functionality we generate many of the features in the Trackerball software. This places less dependence on the PC Driver. Windows, in common with most operating systems, is now bundled with high quality drivers which give access to many new features such as Pan and Zoom. By making use of the drivers supplied with your PC we ensure that the unit maintains full compatibility with whatever version of Windows you are using, without the need to update the drivers each time you upgrade.

In addition, using PC bundled drivers, ensures that new features which are added to Windows are instantly available when you upgrade your system.

Will my Trackerball work with other operating systems?
Increasingly non-Windows based operating systems are adopting the same peripheral support as Windows itself. If you are using a non-Windows based operating system on a PC then you should check with the vendor or Trackerball before purchasing your Trackerball unit.

It is important to note that just because a USB or PS2 socket is provided on the rear of a computer, the operating system may not support it. Again, check with your vendor before purchasing. Also, see question below regarding non-PC platforms.

Will my Trackerball work on non-PC platforms?
In most cases the Trackerball will work on workstations. If you find that this is not the case, please contact us either using the email help facility or using the telephone hotline.

Generally, we will be able to supply you with a version of the Trackerball which will meet your needs. In particular, ALL Trackerball units can be supplied for SUN workstations.

Will my Trackerball work with older versions of Windows?
PS2 (6-pin round connector) /Serial (9-pin sub-D connector) compatible versions will work with all Windows operating systems from version 3.1 onwards. USB versions (4 pin square plug) will work on later versions of Win95 and all versions of Win98, provided your PC has a matching USB socket on the rear panel.

Will my Trackerball work with Microsoft Windows NT?
PS2/Serial versions will work with Windows NT4. Since NT4 does not support USB at this time, USB versions will not function, even if your PC has a suitable socket.

At what stage during installation should I remove my existing mouse?
With PS2 and Microsoft compatible versions, you should shut down the PC prior to installing the Trackerball (use Start- Shutdown on the menu bar). If the PC indicates that the power may be turned off, you may do so using the main switch. Many PCs now power-down automatically.

Once the power is off locate the mouse cable and remove it from the PC, replacing it with the Trackerball. The PC may now be powered on again. USB versions of the Trackerball make use of the unique power management and plug-and-play features of the USB bus and powering down the PC is not necessary. Simply plug the Trackerball into any available USB socket and after a few seconds the Trackerball will operate. You don’t even need to remove your mouse before doing this! Sometimes a series of dialogue boxes will appear on the screen requesting that you insert the Windows disks/CDs so that the PC may load new drivers. Please have your original installation disks available to load drivers if requested.

Can I use it at the same time as my ordinary mouse?
Yes you can, providing you are using a USB mouse. However, if you are using a PS2 mouse, then this is only possible if you have a USB version of the Trackerball (4-pin square connector).



When I press the middle button twice in certain applications, the cursor freezes!
This can occur when in VX3 mode. Not all applications support the extra features which VX3 mode offers. The first press of the middle button puts the unit into Pan mode and even if the application does not support Pan mode, the cursor will still operate as normal. With the second press of the middle button the unit toggles into Zoom mode where normal X/Y movement is suspended and Z (third-axis) movement takes place. If the application does not support a third axis the cursor will not move. Press either the left or right buttons to clear this condition.

Will the features of my Trackerball work with earlier Office version than 97?
Yes, although you will not gain access to the VX3 features of the Trackerball, which are supported by Version 7 and later.

Why can’t I Pan or Zoom in Microsoft Word?
Check that you have version 7, 97 or later. Versions predating this do not support Pan or Zoom.



In which applications can I use Pan and Zoom?
Generally speaking, all Microsoft applications, Adobe Acrobat reader, Corel Draw, AutoCAD LT and most web browsers. There are many others and the list is growing.

I am using specialist CAD software which requires the use of the middle button and find that the VX3 feature interferes with operation!
If you experience this problem, please complete our Engineering enquiry form. We will advise you how to make your unit compatible according to the software you are using.

What CAD programs will my Trackerball work with?
Most, but you may not gain access to the VX3 features in all cases. More common CAD packages such as AutoCAD do support the VX3 features, however, as time goes on, the number that do so is bound to increase. Increasingly, software vendors are using the resident pointing device drivers, which are included with Windows. This ensures compatibility between vendors and also ensures that new features become available as Windows is developed. If in doubt, consult with your software vendor.



Can I use two Trackerballs at the same time?
Yes, provided at least one of them is a USB unit. It is possible to have a PS/2 unit running at the same time as a USB unit, however, depending on your computer and/or your operating system, it may NOT be possible to run a RS232 unit simultaneously with a USB unit or a PS/2 unit. If you are using USB units alone, you may have as many units running as you have spare USB sockets.

My PC has USB sockets but they are all occupied. Can I still use a USB Trackerball?
Yes! You will need to purchase a USB Hub, which expands the number of available slots. These are available from all good PC suppliers.



The ball feels ‘lumpy’ as I spin it!
Sometimes particles of dust fall into the unit and adhere to the surface of the ball or mechanism. It is these particles which you can feel as you spin the ball. To remedy this, spin the ball until you feel the lump and then press down on the ball whilst rolling the ball slowly back and forth over the lump. This should disperse the dust particles.

How do I get my ProTrack serviced?
Unlike a mouse, the ProTrack mechanism has been designed not to require routine cleaning. We therefore do not provide a ball release mechanism to allow cleaning to take place. If you find that the ball does not run smoothly, use the technique given above to clean the ball. If this is not sufficient, please complete our enquiry form.



On versions with backlit balls, the ball flashes twice when the right button is pressed for 3 seconds!
This is correct operation. The first flash is of short duration, the second is of longer duration and indicates that the SmartButton function is being disabled. It may be re-enabled at any time by pressing the right button for 3 seconds. The ball will again flash once after the 3 second time-out (long flash). This indicates that the function has been re-enabled.

I can’t find my Win 95/98 disc any more. How do I find a driver?
You will only need to load new drivers if Windows specifically asks for them. If you do not have the disks you should contact your local Microsoft reseller or agent, preferably with your warranty or proof-of-purchase to hand.

The backlight LED’s on my ProTrack do not light!
The backlight LED’s will not operate if the ProTrack is connected to the Serial port (9 Pin ‘D’connector) on your computer. This is because the power available on the 9-pin COM port is very small and is insufficient to light the LED’s The ProTrack automatically recognises this and turns off the LED’s to protect the port. The USB version of ProTrack includes a mandatory power-down mode to comply with the USB specification. Whilst in this mode the backlight LED’s are turned off to conserve power. The LED’s will not be enabled until the unit has fully installed.

Can the LED’s on my backlit ProTrack be replaced?
The LED’s have a very long lifetime and should not need replacement.