P50 Backlit

P50 Backlit

The P50 Series backlit mechanical trackballs are high specification modules available with a variety of backlit ball colours, electrical outputs, and sealing options up to IP65.

This popular unit provides a smooth running solution for general control applications where precise cursor control is required at all times.

Manufactured using high grade stainless steel and plastic components, and incorporating the latest format of floating sealing technology, the P50 trackball will provide many years of reliable cursor control for industrial, medical and keyboard applications.

The P50 Backlit trackballs have been designed to be back of panel mounted as part of OEM keyboards and consoles in low light level environments.


  • Sealing up to IP65 (BS EN 60529)
  • Outputs: PS/2, USB, SUN
  • Backlit ball – various colours


  •  Smooth operation in rugged environments
  • Various top plate configurations providing sealing and tracking force options
  • High grade stainless steel shaft and bearings
  • Custom connector options
  • VX3™ – integrated zoom feature for scroll wheel functionality


Control systems, Medical systems, Marine systems, Navigation systems, Sound and lighting desks, Industrial consoles, OEM custom solutions available

Dimensional Drawing

P50 Backlit Drawing