The Early Years

Cursor Controls Ltd are a direct descendant of the Marconi Company who, more than 60 years ago integrated a TRACKERBALL into their Radar system in order to meet the need for a high resolution, accurate, on-screen cursor controller.


The Original TrackerBall developed for Radar


The Marconi TrackerBall division is sold to become part of the GEC Plessey Group


The Trackerball division is sold by GEC Plessey to become a standalone company: The Trackerball Company Ltd.


The Trackerball Company is purchased by the current owners and becomes Cursor Controls Ltd.


Cursor Controls Today

Over the ensuing years, a programme of continuous improvement and new product development has been undertaken to ensure that we keep pace with technological advancements and the ever increasing demands for feature rich pointing devices thus ensuring that we retain our position at the forefront of trackball technology, design and manufacture.

Currently with over 1,200 trackball variants available and more than 70 years of product knowledge and experience the Cursor Controls range of trackballs are fully compatible with all the latest computer operating systems and utilise mechanical, laser or optical tracking technology.

Today, this wealth of experience allows us to service requirements across numerous Industries and environments, where the developments in technology, precision and reliability of the modern trackball have seen it replace the computer mouse in an increasing number of applications.

Acknowledged as a World leader in trackball technology, design and manufacture, Cursor Controls Ltd (CCL) continues to drive forward in the pursuit of excellence in its field.

If you have a specialist application or require a specific OEM solution, we are here to work with you to ensure you achieve your objective.