GlidePath - Intuitive and effective touch control.

Introducing GlidePath™

GlidePath™ is a specialized, high resolution capacitive linear touch sensor mounted under the bezel of a notebook computer or LCD monitor. Combined with specialized software, GlidePath™ technology allows the user to access common functions quickly and easily by simply touching the bezel at the side of the screen.

GlidePath application interface

Many different functions are possible such as media controls. Users can play tracks, change volume, and more by simply sliding their thumb or finger along the side of the screen.

Other possible applications include zooming, scrolling, brightness controls and program launching. Almost any function can be implemented using custom software.

The GlidePath™ linear sensor can be constructed to a variety of specifications enabling flexible design options. The technology is very durable with no mechanical parts that wear out over time. GlidePath™ is resistant to EMI and other environmental conditions.

GlidePath Linear Sensor
  • Intuitive method for accessing common functions.
  • Efficiently utilizes previously unused space on a notebook PC or LCD monitor.
  • Shows granular capability with high resolution touch tracking.
  • Button functions combined with slider capability.
  • Many different functionality options, depending on custom software.
  • Can be placed in vertical or horizontal orientations for various input options.