Advanced Gestures for GlidePoint

Cirque's GlidePoint® track pad, the original capacitive touch solution, features single and multi-finger Advanced Gestures. Users are able to interact in advanced ways without ever leaving the track pad, allowing your devices to become even more useful to customers.

Gesture enabled devices offer:

  • Efficient Computing Experiences
  • Intuitive Interactions
  • Increased Value to Customers

New Interface technology becomes more prevalent every day and your customers experience newer, more sophisticated devices. Users are experiencing the value of gestures and seeking those products that are easier to interface with.

Efficient Computing Experiences

Gestures allow users to quickly and efficiently activate programs and actions on their computers. Behaviors such as zooming in on documents and rotating photographs are made easy, without having to fumble around with multiple clicks and menu bars.

With gestures, it is easier for your customers to use their computer.

Intuitive Interactions

Common tasks like web navigation and document reading are easier with gestures.

Gestures are designed to function like everyday activities. A simple flick, similar to turning a book page, will activate the back button on a web browser and other utilities. Dragging two fingers down the touchpad let users read a whole document without ever pushing a button. All the windows minimize on screen by simply swiping fingers in a downward motion.

Increased Value to Customers

As your customers use Advanced Gestures to interact efficiently and intuitively with a computer, tasks are accomplished in a quicker, more relaxed fashion. Loyalty to your product will increase as your customers experience the benefits of your Advanced Gesture enabled device.

Your customers want them

Every day, more and more people use gestures on their smartphones and tablets. GlidePoint Advanced Gestures will allow them to interact with their computers in a similar manner--one they know and that makes sense.

Gestures Available

GlidePoint Advanced Gestures offer a number of standard, intuitive gestures for your customers to easily interact with your devices:

Right and Left Rotate
Clockwise or Counter Clockwise
Pinch Zoom

Zoom in and out with a simple finger pinch

Pinch to zoom
Zoom In & Zoom Out
Scroll / Pan

Moving two fingers in tandem across will allow your customers to scroll through documents and webpages with ease.

Two Finger Scroll
Two Finger Pan / Scroll

3 Finger Flick

Flicks enable your users to perform quick actions such as pushing the back button in a web-browser, minimizing all windows, or activate applications.

3 finger flick: right and left
Left or Right Flick

3 Finger Flick Up and Down
Up or Down Flick