Secure, Durable, Advanced - GlideTouch Point of Sale Panels

The Ultimate Point of Sale Touch Panel

GlideTouch projected capacitance sensor panels are optically clear, touch sensitive panels that can be placed over LCD displays and are designed specifically for integration into point-of-sale (POS) products. Coupled with the Cirque proprietary Pinnacle/SP touch controller and associated host drivers, the overall technology is a proven solution for production POS products.

GlideTouch security solutions use the same projected mutual capacitive touch measurement technology invented by Cirque and used in millions of electronic products around the globe.

ITO Panels

The sensor panel consists of an ITO grid deposited on a glass substrate and protected by an additional front layer of glass. This sensing grid is routed to the Cirque touch controller which monitors the capacitive changes in the grid caused by the presence of a tethered pen or a finger. The sensing grid is below the glass touch surface and no protective layers above the glass are necessary, resulting in an extremely durable surface.

No special calibration is required and the touch system automatically compensates for environmental conditions. GlideTouch provides precise tracking using a small tipped stylus, resulting in more effective signature capture than competing technologies.

Solutions for PIN Entry Keypads

Cirque GlideTouch technology can also be applied to mechanical PIN entry keypads. In traditional keypads PIN entry is accomplished using electrical contacts that wear over time and are a point of vulnerability to attack.

Cirque’s solution combines mechanical metal domes or carbon pill keymats with our capacitive sensor technology. No vulnerable direct electrical contact occurs. PIN entry keypad solutions from Cirque allow for the creation of PCI certified PIN pads without the need for expensive and bulky mechanical hardening. Cirque PIN pad technology is also more reliable over time and features the same Active Intrusion Detection as our touch panel products to detect attack attempts.

Complete Security

The fundamental operation of GlideTouch mutual capacitance technology provides an extremely secure solution. Security attacks cannot interpret usable data from the sensor grid electrodes. Further, proprietary algorithms detect the presence of potential attacks and render the system non-functional. These security features are inherent in GlideTouch technology and do not require any additional cost to implement.

Cirque is a participating member of the PCI Standards Security Council and GlideTouch touch panel solutions have been shown to meet the unique security standards set by the payment card industry. (PCI v2.0)

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