PK20 Touchpad

The PK20 is an industry standard-sized, programmable configuration touch panel. The overlay can be embossed with one or three user-friendly hotlink buttons, which eliminate the need for potentially unreliable mechanical switches. The programmable hotlinks independently execute programs/commands, open files, control browser functions, assign (toggle) mouse actions and control cursor modes (i.e. horizontal snap-to-grid). We also offer custom overlays to match your design requirements.


  • Kiosk
  • Industrial controls
  • Medical devices
  • Instrumentation
  • Web terminals


  • Industry-standard laptop size
  • Both PS/2 & Serial (10-pin connector) compatibility
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy product integration due to thin, lightweight design
  • No maintenance required – Sealable design is immune to moisture, dust and abuse
  • Superior navigation and high responsiveness
  • Windows®-compatible embedded features mean no additional drivers needed

Using our patented GlidePoint® technology, the touchpad is immune to moisture, allowing it to function properly even with water droplets present on the sensor surface.

Power efficiency of any application is improved with an "idle mode," where the touchpad’s current draw is reduced when a finger is not touching its surface.

The touchpad is fully compatible with standard Windows® mouse drivers. No additional driver is required to activate many of its advanced features. Hardware-configurable options on the module allow for taps (function as left-button clicks), corner-taps (function as right-button clicks), vertical scroll (functions as mouse scroll wheel) and more, depending on the specific application.

For custom functionality at the product design stage, we offer software that allows OEMs to enable, disable or personalize advanced settings and/or reprogram the touch sensitive area.

PK20 - Touchpad component side PK20 - Touchpad sensor side PK20 - Touchpad with overlay

Interface PS/2 & Serial with 10-pin cable connector
Operating Systems Windows® XP, Vista, & 7
(Serial not supported with current driver)
Button Support One (1) or three (3) virtual hot buttons
Sensor Overlay Kiosk design with embossed hot buttons
Standard - part no. 50-41-00
(View available overlays)
Physical Parameters Length: 65.00 mm (2.560 inches)
Width: 49.00 mm (1.930 inches)
Thickness: 5.50 mm (0.217 inches) with all components
Weight: < 14 g (< 0.5 ounces)
Active Sensing Area 62.50 x 46.50 mm (2.460 x 1.830 inches)
Voltage 5V +/- 10%
Current 15.5 (typical)
*PC serial port voltage = 5.6V.
Actual power depends on the specific serial port
Operating Temperature -40 to 85° Celsius
Operating Humidity 5% to 95% relative humidity (condensing)
Storage Temperature -55 to 150° Celsius
ESD 15kV when properly mounted in bezel
Environmental EMI tolerant and manufactured RoHS compliant
Available Accessories: PS/2 cable: 183 cm (6 feet) - part no. 52-15-30
Serial cable: 183 cm (6 feet) - part no. 52-07-01
Mounting bracket: part no. PK20-M

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