Cirque and ALPS Electric provide a complete interface solution for notebook computers. From advanced touchpads to touch controls with haptic feedback and touch screens, we provide a total, integrated input package. In addition to off the shelf products we work closely with notebook computer OEMs to create custom solutions for almost any input requirement.

Touchpads, now with Advanced Gestures

Cirque's GlidePoint® touchpad, the original capacitive touch solution, is now featuring Advanced Gestures. A complete suite of single and multi-finger gestures are available allowing users to interact in advanced ways without ever leaving the touchpad. Pinch-zoom, two finger rotate and two finger scroll are just some of the possibilities.

Advance Gestures

In addition to Advanced Gestures, GlidePoint touchpads feature all the classic touch functionality options such as programmable tap zones, scroll zones, tap and drag and GlideExtend® which allows the user to effectively drag files beyond the edge of the pad. GlidePoint pads are extremely durable with a wide operating temperature range ideal for harsh environments, and are highly moisture resistant. GlidePoint pads can be used even if moisture droplets are present on the surface. GlidePoint hardware is accompanied by rich driver support. Completely customizable drivers are available to fully cater to end user and OEM requirements.


GlidePath is a linear sensor placed in the screen bezel of a notebook computer. Paired with custom software that appears in response to a user touch, GlidePath provides easy and intuitive method for media control, scrolling, brightness control and more. The high resolution sensor provides quick and detailed granular control.

Additional Touch Solutions

Cirque provides a complete suite of touch input for notebooks. GlideTouch® touch panels provide advanced touch screen functionality and durable glass surfaces. Backlit touch buttons with “haptics” force feedback are available as a sleek and durable alternative to mechanical buttons. Haptics technology provides positive feedback for user touch downs.

Cirque has many years of experience implementing touch solutions for notebook computers. Contact us to discuss how we can enhance your product using touch technology.