Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why am I having connection problems with my touchpad hardware?

  • Why doesn't my touchpad work after converting from serial to PS/2?

  • Can I adapt my serial or PS/2 touchpad to USB using a USB adapter?

  • Can I adapt my USB touchpad to serial or PS/2 using an adapter?

  • GlidePoint® driver issues and questions

  • Keyboard doesn't work or lights flash on; system or touchpad is slow

  • Why won't GlidePoint® software load on my laptop when using my PS/2 port?

  • Why does my built-in pointing device on my laptop stop working when using my PS/2 port?

  • How do I install my touchpad on IBM Thinkpad (serial and PS/2 installation)?

  • Why does the machine or cursor lockup on Toshiba laptop models?

  • Macintosh Systems: Does the touchpad install and operate smoothly on a Mac?

  • Linux and Unix: Does the touchpad install and operate on Linux or Unix?

  • In the touch control features, what are each of the button assignments?

  • Why won't my feedback sounds work (audible clicks with touchpad)?

  • What are GlideExtend® and Drag Lock?

  • What are autojumps?

  • How do I increase/decrease cursor speed?

  • Why is the cursor behaving strangely on-screen, going the wrong direction?

  • Why does the scroll feature jump to the bottom of the page?

  • Why can't Signature Capture start on my computer?

  • How do I replace my "Signature Capture" stylus?

  • Is my Cirque keyboard/touchpad combo still supported?

  • Does Cirque still manufacture a keyboard/touchpad combo?

  • How do I connect the PocketKeyboard?

  • How do I enable the PocketKeyboard?

  • How do I change PocketKeyboard settings to control interaction with PDA?

  • How do I install / replace batteries in PocketKeyboard?

  • Why won't my PDA recognize the PocketKeyboard?

  • How do I get a PocketKeyboard adapter to fit my PDA?

  • How do I resolve a Serial COM error when attempting to enable PocketKeys®?

  • I have disabled all sounds, but I can't disable "Enable Keyboard" sound.

  • How do I reset my PocketKeyboard™?

  • I received an incorrect PocketKeyboard™ adapter.

  • My manual shows three adapters for the PocketKeyboard™, but I only received one.

  • With PocketKeyboard™, I'm unable to initiate HotSync operation because serial port is in use.

  • I uninstalled the PocketKeys® software and now I cannot HotSync.

  • I plug my PocketKeyboard™ into my PDA, but it will not auto-enable itself.

  • Are Cirque products compatible with my Macintosh system?

  • Does Cirque have updated extensions for ADB touchpad GDA230?

  • Can I connect my USB touchpad to my ADB port with an adapter?

  • My USB touchpad works on Mac, but it came with software for Windows.

  • Which Mac operating system supports the Easy Cat® USB?

  • My product shows the GlidePoint® brand. Why isn't it listed on this site?

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Desktop products using Cirque GlidePoint technology are also available through Adesso.

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Our desktop products FAQ answers the most common questions pertaining to Cirque desktop touchpads.

For desktop touchpad drivers click here.

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