Cirque takes great care with your personal details. Our privacy policy demonstrates our firm commitment to protection of your information.

We will never share, sell, rent or otherwise distribute beyond Cirque your individual personal information without your advance permission or unless ordered to do so by a court of law. Details submitted to us are available only to: 1) employees managing them for purposes of contacting or assisting you based on your request; and/or 2) contracted service providers for purposes of offering services relating to our communications with you.

Types of information Cirque may collect include full name, company, addresses, locations, phone numbers, email addresses, URLs, product information and credit card numbers for purchases only. Cirque uses strict and reliable security measures to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of data used by and stored in our systems. To view and/or alter any of your personal information held by Cirque Corporation, submit your request in writing using our contact form.

If you have received unwanted, unsolicited email sent via this system or purporting to be sent via this system, please contact us. Cirque will make every effort to correct privacy violations.

Cirque's Privacy Policy as explained here has been in effect since 2003.

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Piracy Prevention

Cirque actively defends and enforces its intellectual property rights according to United States law.

Please report known violations to via email.