CH Products Industrial Joysticks and Trackballs

CH Products' DT225 is designed for desktop applications requiring an ergonomic, space friendly pointing device. Available in either black or gray, the DT225 is available in USB, PS/2, and Serial. Widely used applications include graphic design, CAD/CAM workstations as well as PC gaming.

Key Features
• Ergonomic desktop design
• 2.25" diameter Thermoset phenolic ball
• USB interface available
• Environmental Protection Classification (IP Rating): contact factory

Desktop Trackballs
• Non-contacting optical encoders
• Click and click lock inputs
• Polished stainless steel shafts

Ball Diameter: 2.25"
Ball Rotation: Continuous in all directions
Tracking Force: 12g
Weight: 460g
Life Cycle (ball rotations): 5,000,000

PS/2 (2/3BTN PS/2)
Microsoft (2BTN Serial)
Sun Workstation
Trackstick: Joystick emulation

Input: 4.00V - 5.25V @25mA max
Output: USB 1.1
PS/2 (2/3BTN PS/2)  
Input: 5.00V @ 25mA max
Output: CMOS/TTL
Input: DTR/RTS @ 14 mA max
Output: RS-232
Sun Workstation  
Input: 5.00V @ 30mA max
Output: CMOS/TTL

Available in either black or gray

DT225 Trackball Technial Drawing.pdf

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