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Miniature and Standard
Precision engineered for more than twenty years, the Resistive Joystick is a low profile, potentiometric controller providing unwavering, multi-axis finger-positioning control. Available in two sizes, Standard & Miniature Resistive Joysticks are ideal for applications requiring a compact and reliable, low operating force controller. Featuring several ergonomically designed handles and available in single, dual or triple axis configurations, typical applications include CCTV equipment, robotic controls, electric wheelchairs and electron microscopes.

Key Features
• Potentiometric sensing
• Available in two sizes
• Low profile design
• RoHS Compliant
• One million life cycles
• Environmental Protection Classification (IP Rating): contact factory

Model 100: Two axis
Model 200: Two axis with buttons
Model 300: Three axis
Model 400: Three axis with buttons

  Miniature Standard
Joystick travel: 56 (28 from center) 54 (27 from center)
Breakout force: 0.029 Nm 0.034 Nm
Operational force: 0.041 Nm 0.061 Nm
Maximum force: 0.062 Nm 0.067 Nm
Centering: Spring centering Spring centering
Housing: High impact glass-filled nylon High impact glass-filled nylon
Operating temperature: not available currently  -10C to +85C
Life cycles: 1 million 1 million
Electrical element: Conductive Plastic Conductive Plastic Conductive Plastic Conductive Plastic
Resistance: 5KΩ 20% 5KΩ 20% 5KΩ 20% 5KΩ 10%
Power rating: 0.25W @ 40C 0.5W @ 70C 0.5W @ 70C 1W
Temperature range: -10C to + 85C -10C to + 85C -10C to + 85C -40C to + 85C
Electrical travel: 220 10 Mini: 56 5
Std: 60 5
220 5 Mini: 50 5
Std: 56 5
Mechanical travel: 260 295 295 360
Rotational torque: 3.92 mN-m 0.30 oz/in. max 0.30 oz/in. max NR
Linearity: 1% 5% 5% 1%
CRV: 1.5% 1.5% 1.5% 1%
Rotational life: 1 million life cycles 1 million life cycles 1 million life cycles 10 million life cycles
RoHS compliant: Yes Yes Yes Yes

Spring Centering
When released, the joystick returns to center.

Friction Clutch
When released, the joystick does not mechanically return to center, maintains present position. Available only with Standard Resistive joysticks.

Center Detent
Additional force is required to move the joystick from the center position. Center detent is only available on single and dual axis Standard Resistive joysticks.

Torque Set
Friction is uniformly applied to the joystick's main pivot ball throughout the motion pattern. Absolute positioning allows the stick to be positioned anywhere in the motion pattern.

A variety of front mounting (FM) and rear mounting (RM) bezels are available for the Resistive joystick. Not every bezel is available for all configurations.

View Resistive joystick housing options.

Data Sheets

Miniature resistive Data Sheet
(3.24 MB) 5 Page PDF

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