CH Products Industrial Joysticks and Trackballs

Key Features
• Hall effect or potentiometric joystick
• Single, dual or triple axis control
• Choice of button configurations
• Available in black or gray
• USB Interface
• RoHS compliant
• Environmental Protection Classification (IP Rating): contact factory

USB Desktop Joysticks
FJ and MJ USB Desktop joysticks are ideal for PC applications requiring accurate multi-axis fingertip positioning control. Built to your specifications, FJ and MJ Desktop joysticks are available with several button configurations as well as a Resistive or HFX Series I Hall effect joystick. Resistive FJ and MJ Desktop joysticks are available in black or gray and with optional rotary trims and spring release tabs. For protocol or output options other than USB, please contact technical support.

Resistive Joystick
• Potentiometric sensing
• Single, dual, or three axis
• 18 handle options
HFX Series I Joystick
• Hall effect sensing
• Single, dual or triple axis
• 7 handle options

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