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The HFX Series IV joystick is a heavy-duty, Hall effect controller designed for use in high operating force, hand-operated applications requiring reliable, unfaltering positioning control. Available with several high-function handles and in single, dual or triple axis configurations, HFX Series IV joysticks are custom configured to meet the exacting requirements of harsh environment applications. Typical uses include construction equipment, forestry vehicles, military vehicles, as well as refuse handling trucks.

Ball Tip Two axis
Short Stock Grip Two axis
Stock Grip Two axis
Multifunction Handle Two or three axis
Multifunction Oval Handle Two or three axis

Key Features
• Rugged, hand operated control
• Hall effect sensing
• Single, dual or triple axis control
• Available with USB
• RoHS compliant
• 10 million life cycles
• Environmental Protection Classification (IP Rating): contact factory for further information

Joystick travel: 38 (19 from center)
Centering: Single spring, omnidirectional
Housing: High impact, glass-filled nylon
Breakout force: 1.3Nm
Operational force: 1.5Nm
Maximum force: 1.7Nm
Operating temperature: -40C to +85C
Life cycles: 10 million

Supply voltage: 5.0V
Center voltage: 2.5V
Supply current: 10mA max/axis
Output current: 2mA max/axis
Output tolerance: ± 200mV

Configuration Options

0V to 5.0V
0.25V to 4.75V
0.5V to 4.5V

Universal Serial Bus provides USB 1.1 interface, no driver is needed.

Provides J1939 interface and requires Sensor Output Option (0.25V - 4.75V). Contact technical support for configuration chart.

Analog Deadband
Assures return to center voltage.

Center Detect
Produces an electrical HI signal when stick is moved off center and produces an electrical LO signal if the sensor output voltage deviates from range (<0.5V or >4.5V).

Dual Decode
Provides center detect function and monitors dual sensors. If the sum and the difference of the sensor outputs vary by more than 9%, the circuit becomes electrically LO. Requires dual sensors and output option 0.5V to 4.5V.

Cursor emulation available for USB or Sun.

Voltage Regulator
Used when input or output voltage is greater than 5V or when bipolar output is required. Contact technical support for available configurations.

Discrete Output
Electronic "Switch Stick".

Friction Clutch
The joystick does not mechanically return to center, maintains present position. Requires "round" limiter plate option.

Directional Guide Feel
Provides a positive tactile feel for "x" or "y" axis positioning.

Proximity Sensor
A "deadman" safety switch that works by means of capacitive sensing, eliminating the need for a mechanical lever. Available for Stock Grip, Multifunction, and Multifunction Oval Joystick configurations.

Configuration Guide

HFX Series IV

Technical Drawings

HFX Series IV Ball Tip Technical Drawing

HFX Series IV Short Stock Grip 1Button Technical Drawing

HFX Series IV Stock Grip Technical Drawing

HFX Series IV Multifunction Handle Technical Drawing

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