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Magnetic Proximity Sensors
Magnetic Sensor in Flange-Mount Housing
This Reed Sensor is an omnipolar, magnetically activated switch. It can be approached by a magnet from any angle, with either pole.

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  • Immune to Hostile Environments
  • Hermetically Sealed for Long Life
  • Suitable for DC and AC Circuits
  • Zero Power Consumption
  • Standard Magnetic Actuator is Available in the Same Housing Cherry Part Number AS201901
Part # Contact Form Power Rating, W Max Switching Voltage, AC/DC Max Breakdown Voltage VDC Min Switching Current Amps  max Contact Resistance, Ohms Max Operate Temp Range
Operate Time, msec typ.
MP201901 SPST-NO Form A 10 175 200 0.5 0.200 -40 to +105 0.6
MP201902 SPST-NC Form B 3 100 200 0.2 0.200 -40 to +105 1
MP201903 SPDT-CO Form C 3 100 200 0.2 0.200 40 to +105 1
Operate Distance with AS201901 Magnetic Actuator

   Specifications subject to change without notice.