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Magnetic Proximity Sensors
Low-Profile Magnetic Sensors
Digital Hall effect proximity sensor in low-profile flange-mount housing.

MP1014 Sensor

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  •  Capable of billions of operations
  •  Impervious to dirt and dust
  •  Moisture resistant to IPX5
  •  Protected against reverse battery hook-up to -15VDC
  •  MP101402 provides highly sensitive unipolar switching
  •  MP101403 latches in presence of south pole and
     unlatches in presence of north pole magnet
  •  Excellent for flow sensing and door interlock applications
Part Number Operating Voltage Range (VDC) Supply Current (mA  Max.) Output Output Saturation Voltage (mV Max.) Output Current (mA  Max.) Operate Temp Range
Function Operate Point, gauss
Release Point, gauss
MP101401 4.5 to 24 5.2 3-wire sink 400 20 -40 to +85 Unipolar switch 210 (south) 190 (south)
MP101402 4.5 to 24 5.2 3-wire sink 400 20 -40 to +85 Unipolar switch 65 (south) 45 (south)
MP101403 4.5 to 24 5.2 3-wire sink 400 20 -40 to +85 Bipolar switch 100 (south) -100 (north)

These sensors require the use of an external pull-up resistor, the value of which is dependent on the supply voltage.
Pull-up resistor should be connected between output (green) and Vcc (red).
Click here for additional advice about output terminology and pull-up resistor values.

  Open Collector Sinking Block Diagram
Inches (mm)

   Specifications subject to change without notice.