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Magnetic Proximity Sensors
Commercial-Grade Magnetic Sensors
Solid State, magnetic proximity sensors in adjustable threaded housing.

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  • Anodized Aluminum Housing
  • High-Speed Capability
  • Sinking (open collector) Output
  • South Pole Sensitive
  • Wire Insulation Material: Polyolefin
  • Operate point: 245 gauss max
  • Release point: 60 gauss min
  • MP100701 rated to 150°C
  • MP100502 rated to 125°C
Part # Operating Voltage Range (VDC) Supply Current mA  max Output Saturation Voltage mV max Output Current mA  max Housing Leads
MP100502 3.8 to 24 7.5 400 25 Alum (red) 20 AWG x
1m BBB
MP100701 3.8 to 24 7.5 400 25 Alum (black) 20 AWG x
1m BBB
Interface Recommendations

Notes: For sensors with integral connectors, mating cordsets are available from Cherry. Request Part Number AS000203 for a straight female connector or AS000204 for a right-angle female connector.

Open Collector Sinking Block Diagram

   Specifications subject to change without notice.