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Cherry’s expanding line-up of angular position sensors are designed for the most severe environments and are suitable for a broad range of vehicular applications, thanks to IP67 or IP68 sealing and high EMI/ESD protection.

If your design calls for a custom product, our experienced sensor design staff will work with you to develop a solution to meet your exact requirements. Contact Cherry Electrical Products at (800)285-0773

Industrial Grade Geartooth Speed Sensor AN101101 Thin Angular Position Sensor AN8
Dual Output Rotary Position Sensor AN9 Thin Angular Position Sensor With Wire Leads AN8 With Wire Leads

For an inside look at the tools and creativity behind the design and manufacture of a Cherry sensor, check out this video from inside the factories.

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Cherry’s AN9 dual-output rotary position sensor is designed for continuous output corresponding to the rotation angle of a magnetic actuator, typically Cherry’s AS500106. Two electrically independent outputs assure very high reliability. Outputs have intentionally different transfer functions, allowing the connected controller to diagnose any problems in the sensing system, such as short circuits, broken wires, etc.