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Rotary Position Sensors
Dual Output Rotary Position Sensor


This sensor is designed for continuous output corresponding to the rotation angle of a magnetic actuator, typically Cherry’s AS500106. Two electrically independent outputs assure very high reliability.
Outputs have intentionally different transfer functions. This allows the connected controller to diagnose any problems in the sensing system, such as short circuits, broken wires, etc.


  • Rotary position sensor with high tolerance for misalignment
  • Dual (redundant) outputs assure very high reliability
  • Non-contact rotary position sensing to full 360° rotation
  • No mechanical interface:
    - Nothing to break or wear out
    - No possibility of jamming or resistance to motion
  • Sealed design meets IP68 level water immersion per IEC 60529
  • 5VDC ratiometric outputs
  • Linear output over specific angular rotation ranges available on request
  • Performs with standard AS500106 magnetic actuator — factory programmable for use with other magnets
  • Custom programming option for rising or falling output slope with selectable offset, gain, clamp voltage
  • PWM output option available for custom applications
  • Rugged design includes EMI/ESD protection to SAE J1113 standards
  • Maximum operating temperature of 125°C


  • Rotary position sensor in electro-hydraulic system (heavy equipment control)
  • Steer wheel position (steer by wire)
  • Shifter position (shift by wire)
  • Brake pedal position (brake by wire)
AN9 Series

AN9 Series

Download PDF Rotary Position Sensor pdf
Sensing Range: 0 to 360 degrees of rotation
Input Voltage: 5.0 VDC ± 10%
Output Voltage:

0.5 to 4.5 VDC (ratiometric)

Output Accuracy (with AS500106 magnet):

± 2.5% Full Scale

Output Smoothness (with AS500106 magnet):

± 0.5% Full Scale for any 2% interval

Output Linearity (with AS500106 magnet):

± 2.0% Full Scale

Maximum Overvoltage: 16 VDC
Maximum Reverse Voltage: -10 VDC
Maximum Output Current: 8mA
Minimum Output Current: -8mA
Resolution: Analog
Electrostatic Discharge:

SAE J1113-13; ± 8kV

Immunity to Radiated Electronic Magnetic Fields:

SAE J1113-4; 1 MHz to 400 MHz

Conducted Transient Emissions:

SAE J1113-42; ± 25V

Analog Output Slew Rate:

200 V/ms

Operating Temperature:

-40 to 125°C

Mechanical Travel: 0 to 360 degrees (no stops)
Dither: No mechanical contact
Termination: 6 x 315mm 20AWG lead wires
Maximum Air Gap: 5mm
Maximum Center-to-Center Offset: 1mm (magnet to sensor)
Ordering Information
Sensor Output A* Output B*
AN920031 0° – 180° inc 0° – 180° dec
AN920032 0° – 360° inc 0° – 360° dec
AN920034 0° – 360° inc 90° – 90° dec
AN920035 0° – 45° inc 0° – 45° dec
AN920036 0° – 90° inc 0° – 90° dec
*inc – Output is increasing from 0.5 to 4.5 volts
 dec – Output is decreasing from 4.5 to 0.5 volts
Magnet assembly AS500106 must be ordered separately.

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typical sensor outputs    

   Specifications subject to change without notice.