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Rotary Position Sensors
Thin Angular Position Sensor


  • Absolute angular position sensor with single output
  • Provides non-contact angular position sensing to full 360° rotation
  • No mechanical interface means no parts to wear out
  • Sealed design exceeds IEC529 IP67 standard for immersion
  • 5VDC ratiometric device
  • Resilient to mechanical misalignment
  • Performs with AS500106 standard magnetic carrier
  • Provided with EMI/ESD protection to SAE J1113 standards
  • Maximum operating temperature 125°C


  • Replacement for smart bearings
  • PRNDL switch for harsh environments
  • Steer wheel position for drive by wire systems
AN8 Series

ILAPS Sensors

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Effective Rotational Sensing Range: 0 to 360 degrees of rotation
Input Voltage: 5.0 VDC±10%
Output Voltage:

0.5 to 4.5 VDC (ratiometric)

Output Accuracy (with supplied magnet),
for 65° - 360° rotation only:

±2.5% Full Scale

Output Smoothness (with supplied magnet),
for 65° - 360° rotation only:

±0.75% Full Scale for any 2% interval

Output Linearity (with supplied magnet),
for 65° - 360° rotation only:

±2.0% Full Scale

Maximum Supply Voltage: 16 VDC
Reverse Voltage: -10 VDC
Maximum Output Current Range: 8mA
Minimum Output Current Range: -8mA
Resolution: Analog
Conduction and Coupling:

SAE J1113-12; consult factory for details

Electrostatic Discharge:

SAE J1113-13; consult factory for details

Conducted Immunity:

SAE J1113-2; 30Hz to 250 kHz

Immunity to Radiated Electronic Magnetic Fields:

SAE J1113-4; 1 MHz to 400 MHz

Conducted Transient Emmissions:

SAE J1113-42 ± 25V

Radiated Emmissions:

SAE J1113-41; Class 3

Operating Temperature:

-40 to 125°C

Mechanical Travel: 0 to 360 degrees (no stops)
Dither: No mechanical contact
Mating Connector: Connector: Delphi Metri-pak 150.2 12162185
Maximum Air Gap: 5mm
Maximum Center-to-Center Offset: 1mm (magnet to sensor)

All tolerances ±0.25 unless otherwise noted.

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 Sensor Output Signal
Sensor Max. Resolution Sensor/magnetAssembly #
AN820001 180° CU103601
AN820002 360° CU103602
AN820003 45° CU103603

   Specifications subject to change without notice.