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Geartooth Speed Sensors
Threaded Straight Connector Gear Sensor Rated to 140C


  • Capable of operating up to 140C
  • Sealed design exceeds IEC60529 IP68 standard for immersion
  • Resistant to fuels, solvents, and lubricants associated with engines, transmissions, brakes and chassis systems
  • ESD resistant to 15kV (contact discharge)
  • Operates at near zero speed
  • Mating connector Packard sealed female connector assembly 3F
  • Supplied with installed Vit on O-ring
  • Installs into a standard M20 x 1.5 O-ring port


  • Transmission speed
  • Wheel speed
  • Engine speed
  • Anti-lock braking systems

GS102301 Series

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Operating Voltage Range: 9–16 VDC
Supply Current: 6 mA max
Output Saturation Voltage:

600 mV max

Output Current:

25 mA max

Operating Temperature:

-40° to 140ºC*

Storage Temperature Range:

-55° to 150ºC

Output Risetime: 10µS
Output Falltime: 10µS
Bulk Current Injection: SAE J1113-4 (250klHz to 500MHz; 100mA/m)
Conduction and Coupling: SAE J1113-12 (±200V)
Electronic Discharge: SAE J1113-13 (±15kV)
Radiated Immunity:

SAE J1113-21 (10kHz to 18GHz; 200 V/m)

Immunity to Magnetic Fields:

SAE J1113-22 (600microT AC Field; 5Hz to 2kHz; .2mT & 1mT DC Field)

Radiated Emissions:

SAE J1113-23

Immunity to AC Fields:

SAE J1113-25 (15kV/m)

Radiated Emissions:

SAE J1113-41 (Class 4)

Maximum Airgap: 2.0 mm (with Cherry test gear)
Max Installation Torque: 15 FtLbs
Water Immersion: IEC60529 IP68
Dust, Sand and Gravel Bombardment: SAE J400 JUN80
Vibration: Sinusoidal vibration max 15g’s from 40 to 2000 Hz
Mechanical Shock: 18 shocks at 50g’s 11ms per Mil Std 202F


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   Specifications subject to change without notice.